A Brief Guide On Dianabol Usage

Also called Dbol or Diana, Dianabol is among the popular oral steroids. Dianabol is the brand name for Methandrostenolone. The supplement is available at several underground laboratories, like 5, 10, and 50mg tablets. Its popularity can be attributed to its oral consumption method, which amateur bodybuilders find quite encouraging and convenient. These are people who usually fear injectable compounds. The steroid is quite inexpensive, and for the price, the rapid muscle and strength gains are reasonably impressive.

Dianabol’s Anabolic Steroid Status

Dbol is a synthetic substance or anabolic steroid linked with testosterone, or the sex hormone in males. It is considered the second anabolic steroid type that’s produced by males after testosterone. Dbol gained popularity among athletes during the 1960s when they used the steroid to improve their athletic mileage. The steroid causes anabolic effects such as skeletal muscle growth and androgenic effects such as large muscles. These steroids are viewed as controlled substances. The drugs are prescribed for specific medical reasons.

Taking Dianabol

The steroid is also available as injections, but most people prefer its oral form. Consuming the steroid with a meal helps minimize possible stomach issues. Taking the full dose before working out supposedly offers more significant benefits and enhanced gym performance, thanks to the blood concentration peak attained during the exercise. Most experienced bodybuilders use this technique, but beginners are recommended to start with half the dosage.

Dianabol Cycle Dosages

Common Diana dose is 30 to 50 mg every day – the cycle usually lasting four to six weeks. 30-40 mg is a dose effective for individuals new to Dianabol, causing improved gains in muscle strength and mass while decreasing possible side effects. Experienced users can take a higher dosage. However, similar to most compounds, higher dosages do not necessarily lead to increased strength and muscle gains. The benefits plateau off at a specific point. Therefore, experienced users rarely go above 70 to 80mg per day.

Professional users could stack Dianabol with similar steroids, which are used typically for mass cycles. For example, Deca-Durabolin and testosterone enanthate could be added along with a calorie-rich diet. On the other hand, some novices begin with Dianabol as a standalone treatment for their initial anabolic steroid cycle.

Dianabol Benefits

Dianabol has exhibited gains in anaerobic glycolysis that increases the buildup of lactic acid within the body. This helps as the muscles use lactic acid to make glycogen, which provides anaerobic metabolism energy. The acid is also vital for disposing of dietary carbohydrates – meaning the body is unlikely to gain fat during Dianabol usage.

When the steroid was first available for commercial use during the ’60s, they became an instant hit. Since then, Dianabol has become the most popular anabolic steroid. People who have used the steroid say it’s not just effective at improving strength and increasing muscle mass; its usage is quite easy as well.

The steroid induces a positive nitrogen balance. Found in amino acids, nitrogen makes up the protein – the primary building block for muscle growth. Human bodies require more protein for increasing their muscle mass.
With beneficial nitrogen balance, Dianabol helps the body retain increased protein levels besides the protein that’s being expended on fuel or energy or something that’s excreted through urine, stool, or sweat. Put, the body has sufficient protein supply for growing its muscles.

What does all of this amount to in reality? Dianabol helps gain close to two to four pounds every week during the initial six weeks of usage. The increased body weight entails a genuine improvement in muscle tissue.

Dianabol Side Effects

Dianabol has hepatotoxic traits, which can hurt the liver. Dianabol’s 17 alpha-alkylated properties lead to increased bioactive substance, but Dianabol’s duration and dose must be limited so that there isn’t any long-term liver damage. Also, this rule should be considered when administering or consuming similar compound substances, which could also lead to liver strain.

When on a Dianabol cycle, androgenic side effect possibilities cannot be ruled out, which include oily and acne skin, likely male pattern baldness, and aggressiveness. These side effects usually vary with the user and their susceptibility to the side effects. For example, if you’re typically acne-prone, an outbreak is quite possible with Dianabol usage.

Dianabol usage is also linked to estrogenic side effects; therefore, taking an anti-estrogen and anti-aromatase is advisable if gynecomastia happens when on a Dianabol cycle. In its initial stages, the condition takes shape as sore and itchy nipples.

Water retention is also quite possible with Dianabol usage, with increased weight gain during the first few weeks of Dianabol usage can be attributed to water retention. This could cause an extremely bloated appearance, with people appearing puffy, generally near the face and neck, leading to moon-like facial features. Conservation of water could help with strength gains as it somewhat lubricates the joints. However, this water gained would be lost once Dbol usage is ceased.